About Us

Our Organization

The local Zonta Club of Berkshire County is part of District 1 (New England), Area II (western Massachusetts), Charter # 1493 and founded in October 1994.  We pay $150 annual dues locally, to the district and to Zonta International.  We also commit to support all service projects and fundraising events with both time and money.  All club members give generously of their time throughout the year to advancing the status of women.

Our Zonta club is managed by a volunteer board of directors, and many, many volunteer committees staffed by our dedicated members. Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Mazzeo’s Ristorante 1015 South Street, Pittsfield,MA. (Virtually due to COVID) President Chris Haley at left.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

  • President – Chris Haley
  • Vice President- Melissa Mazzeo
  • Secretary – Millie Blum
  • Treasurer – Karen Norton
  • Asst Treas. – Genne Levasseur
  • Past Pres – Sandy Carroll
  • Directors – Barbara Osborne, Jackie Benham, Tina Monteleone, Gail Molari and Jacqueline Melendez.
  • Suit Yourself Rep. – Debbie O’Neill 

Service & Status Chairs

  • Advocacy: Melissa Mazzeo & Ro Frieri
  • Charitable Donations: Debbie Dwyer
  • Food & Toiletry Collections:
  • Period Project: Vickie Palardy
  • Soldier On Women’s Support: ?
  • Suit Yourself: Debbie O’Neill
  • Z Club Mentors: Melissa Mazzeo

Scholarship Chairs

  • Young Women In Public Affairs
  • Jane M. Klausman, Pam Roberts
  • Berkshire Grad, Nancy Woitkowski
  • BCC Scholarship and Girls Inc. by the Orgs

Fundraising Committee Chairs: 

  • Poinsettias: Sandy Carroll & Toni Fontana
  • Fundraising Initiatives: Sandy / Vickie
  • Holiday Giving: Karen Norton

Administrative Committee Chairs

  • By-Laws: Elaine Hunter / Debbie Dwyer
  • Guest Speaker Program: Keye Hollister
  • Finance & Budget: Toni Fontana
  • Membership: Pam Roberts
  • Newsletter: Elaine Hunter
  • Publicity: Melissa Mazzeo
  • Service Hours: Cheryl Maselli
  • Strategic Planning: Sandy Carroll
  • Website: Sandy Carroll
  • Zonta Store: Elaine Hunter & Jackie Benham

Committee Chairs: Fundraisers

  • POINSETTIA PROJECT: Sandy Carroll & Toni Fontana
  • BUNCO: Elaine Hunter & Sandy Carroll

To contact the District or International levels…




You can reach us via email ZontaBerkshire@gmail.com or Facebook private message.

District 1 Leadership

governor@ zontadistrict1.org Beatrice Schori Governor
ltgovernor@ zontadistrict1.org Donna Sroka Lt. Governor
secretary@ zontadistrict1.org Kathryn Patterson Secretary
treasurer@ zontadistrict1.org Terry Timmerman Treasurer
parliamentarian@ zontadistrict1.org Mary A. Socha Parliamentarian
area1@ zontadistrict1.org Area 1 Director
area2@ zontadistrict1.org Vickie Palardy Area 2 Director
area3@ zontadistrict1.org Carol Dobson Area 3 Director
area4@ zontadistrict1.org Area 4 Director