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Marge Ceasar Turned 98!!

Attached you will find a picture of the Birthday Party held for Marge Caesar’s 98TH Birthday.  Attendees:  Elaine Hunter, Debbie O’Neil, Karen Norton, Patti Simonetta, Karen Norton, Marge Caesar, Jackie Benham,  Helen Austin and Carla Prendergast.   Marges’s sister Barbara, took the picture. Elaine Hunter

Period Project @ November Meeting

At our meeting on November 8th @ 5 p.m., we will have the Period Project assembly event at Sandy’s office in the TD Bank Building on the second floor.  We will order dinner out, and work to create period project “kits” for area shelters or service centers to give to women in need. Below is a list of what we’re collecting. To give, see below, we take both funds or supplies to contribute to this project. Please note that the committee plans to use the club funds held in reserves from the Temescal Wellness donation for purchasing bulk supplies, so we will not be making a big push for public contributions as we usually do. Here is a link to our updated Amazon Wish list for products • Boxes of Individually wrapped Pads or Tampons • Individually Wrapped Panty Liners • Cleansing Wipes • Hand Sanitizers and/or Soap • New...

Period Project, Recap March 19, 2022

Thanks We had a fantastic assembly day!  Attendance: Vickie Palardy, Sandy Carroll, Elaine Hunter, Anne Meczywor, Cassandra Pugh, Tina Monteleone, Karen Norton, Cheryl Maselli, Sarah Gillooly, Debbie O’Neil (10)  Non-members:  Carla Prendergast, Denise Talabach, Eileen Tegethoff (3) Soldier On:  Yolanda Hoffman and Cassandra Finn  (2) Temescal Wellness: Olivia Melillo, Megan Kane (2) iBerkshires: Sabrina Damms (1) Total Attendance: 18 This morning our incredible assembly group reached our goal of 250 kits to donate to organizations and schools that are in need of feminine Hygiene products. Total itemized product. 1250 pads 1500 tampons 1250 liners 250 bars of soap 245 tush wipes 125 pairs of panties These kits went to the following recipients: Elizabeth Freeman Center                  25 Reid Middle School                              25 Herberg Middle School                        25 18 Degrees Family Resource Center  50 Bart School                                             25 Taconic High                                           50 Lee High School                                   50 In addition to the kits we gave: Berkshire Athenaeum:  4 boxes...