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President’s Message: Vickie Palardy 0

President’s Message: Vickie Palardy

Dear Sister Zontians and Friends, I am hoping that all are having a wonderful and healthy winter with all of the flu and sickness around. Spring is getting closer every day. The speaker at this month’s meeting is Gloria Bouillon the manager of Pittsfield Airport. Thank you, Keye Hollister, for finding us such interesting and engaging speakers. All the clubs in Western MA are taking part in the 2018 Period Project in the next couple of months. Feminine products are costly and are not covered by SNAP or WIC. For some women, that time of the month could not come at a worse time. Please help us raise awareness and collect pads, tampax, panty liners, soap, wipes, and underwear. We are also accepting cash donations to be used to purchase items in short supply. Drop-off locations are at Berkshire Medical Center (Cheryl Maselli), Berkshire Board of Realtors (Sandy) and I...