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It’s Not Over Yet – Poinsettias still going!

The poinsettia sale was (is) a success, but you are welcome to keep selling, especially larger orders and we will keep working toward our goal. Below is a link to the breakdown of sales, but in a nutshell, we will clear $3,000 profit after everyone pays, but missed our scholarship goal of $5,000. Link to form: Order Plants.  Please take a look at your sales if you can help collect from your people (uncollected at the bottom of the report). Karen Norton and I still have to coordinate deposits so if we missed something, please let me know (

To our amazing delivery crew:  Cheryl Maselli, Debbie O’Neill, Vickie Palardy, Pam Roberts and Karen Norton, can’t believe we did it in a day! And to the setup crew, Debbie O’Neill, Toni Fontana and Tina Monteleone, also amazing job making it run like clockwork!  Thanks, Sandy

Special thanks to our top sellers,

$1,345 Debbie Dwyer
$1,088 Elaine Hunter
$975 Melissa Mazzeo
$735 Sandra Carroll
$700 Cheryl Maselli
$630 Gail Molari
$550 Karen Norton
$370 Denise Talabach
$345 Toni Fontana
$320 Vickie Palardy
$305 Chris Haley
$295 Anne Meczywor
$230 Sheila Keator
$150 Sarah Gillooly
$145 Barb Osborne
$140 Tina Monteleone
$135 Jackie Benham
$120 Keye Hollister
$100 Millie Blum
$65 Pamela Roberts
$40 Jackie Melendez

Fundraising Committee meeting Friday 10/28

Tis the season to start fundraising again.  Poinsettias!  I have reached out to Viales for pricing on poinsettias and wreaths. Hoping to have info back by time we meet.  Last year we thought it would be a good idea to meet in advance to plan a strategy for hitting up businesses that decorate for the holidays.  It’s hard to beat $25-$35 for large, beautiful delivered poinsettias.  We will also plan a spring event (Balderdash?) as well or other ideas we have. I know we need to change up the July raffle a little too. Fun stuff to think about.

Open to anyone interested in serving! Please RSVP for enough handouts and food.  Friday October 28th at 5:00 p.m. at my office. (TD Bank Building, 99 West Street, 2nd floor) I will have pizza and hearty salads (as well as water, soda, wine and a few hard seltzers.)

Call or Text with questions: 413-822-2544


Sandy Carroll