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Marge Ceasar Turned 98!!

Attached you will find a picture of the Birthday Party held for Marge Caesar’s 98TH Birthday.  Attendees:  Elaine Hunter, Debbie O’Neil, Karen Norton, Patti Simonetta, Karen Norton, Marge Caesar, Jackie Benham,  Helen Austin and Carla Prendergast.   Marges’s sister Barbara, took the picture. Elaine Hunter

Period Project @ November Meeting

At our meeting on November 8th @ 5 p.m., we will have the Period Project assembly event at Sandy’s office in the TD Bank Building on the second floor.  We will order dinner out, and work to create period project “kits” for area shelters or service centers to give to women in need. Below is a list of what we’re collecting. To give, see below, we take both funds or supplies to contribute to this project. Please note that the committee plans to use the club funds held in reserves from the Temescal Wellness donation for purchasing bulk supplies, so we will not be making a big push for public contributions as we usually do. Here is a link to our updated Amazon Wish list for products • Boxes of Individually wrapped Pads or Tampons • Individually Wrapped Panty Liners • Cleansing Wipes • Hand Sanitizers and/or Soap • New...

Climate Change Advocacy Mission

The Zonta Club of Berkshire adopted Climate Change as one of our main advocacy goals in 2022-2023. Our mission is to create a gender-equal, sustainable world by educating girls, advocating for women’s rights, and inspiring more female leaders. What is the link between climate change and gender inequality? Climate change is like being on a runaway train. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions are causing global warming. Global warming is triggering extreme weather events. Extreme weather events are causing major social disruption as millions of people are displaced. Social disruption magnifies existing inequalities – including gender inequality. The gains in gender equality made over the last one hundred years by Zonta International are at risk. Zonta International is understandably concerned and recently released its Statement on Climate Change: a Gender Equality Issue. In 2020, District 23 joined the dots and developed Zonta Says NOW to gender equality and climate action to work at both ends...