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Real Women Essay Contest Judges

The Berkshire County Real Women Essay Contest was created to honor National Women’s History Month in March. Zontians annually read and rate the submissions received by local students aged K-12.

Founded in 1986, the Real Women Essay contest asks Berkshire students to write an essay, poem, scripted conversation, first-person monologue or journal recognizing a woman in their lives that has inspired them. Students can write about a role model or mentor, a woman on the national stage who has inspired them or an historical figure whose contributions have made a difference in their lives.

Guidelines and further information can be found online. The deadline is Feb. 15.

Essays are judged on various criteria including awareness of the woman as a person in society and a role model. The award celebration to recognize winning entries will be held in March at Berkshire Community College. Winning essays are compiled and published in an annual Berkshire Real Women Essay booklet.

WAM Theatre: Where Art Meets Activism

We are a proud support of the WAM Theater and support their idea of arts and activism joining together to make both more powerful.  WAM believes in the education and empowerment of women and girls worldwide, one that thrives on being involved and staying informed, and one that is inspired by using the art of theatre to take action for women and girls worldwide.